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Wk26B | 28 Jun 2012
Homeless in Paradise – The growing challenge of meeting the needs of the homeless has become an overflowing issue for the city of Sarasota. Voted as “The Meanest City” in the country regarding its treatment of the homeless, can a solution be found? Are our government officials doing enough to provide support programs to eliminate the homeless society that exists here in our parks and parking garages? Join us as we explore the topic and share ideas.

Wk26A | 26 Jun 2012
No Broadcast – The regularly scheduled broadcast for Tuesday, June 26th, has been re-scheduled to allow for a deeper collection of information. We always strive to produce a show worthy of your time and attention. Some topics require more research than others and this is one of those! Please be sure to join us this Thursday, June 28th, for an information packed podcast that you’ll want to hear and participate in!

Wk25B | 21 Jun 2012
A Lost Generation – Regaining our communities is only a step to restoring the greatness and excellence that we should expect of each other. But who are we passing this hard-fought reward on to? Have we lost a generation to sincere values and solid morals? Will we share our pearls with “swine”? Unless we can re-establish a state of mind that will embrace the goals that we aspire to…it may all be for naught!

Wk25A | 19 Jun 2012
Are We Ignoring the Signs? – As we struggle to conceive a plan to recover our communities and neighborhoods, the greatest challenges may be right on your streetcorners. When businesses promote more towards the vice of a city than to its well-being, what could you expect? But, what do you do about them?

Wk24B | 14 Jun 2012
Regaining & Reclaiming – Newtown belongs to the residents that live here. When we question why the city seems to ignore our challenges, are we really taking the focus off of what needs to be done in search of someone else to blame other than ourselves? The City of Sarasota can, will and MUST support our wants and desires but only if we let them KNOW that we won’t settle for anything less.

But, we can’t all be downtown at City Hall or at the community forums. Call in and share with us what you would like to see happen in the Newtown community.

Wk24A | 12 Jun 2012
Building the Black Business Network – Let’s open up a discussion to further identify the economic challenges business owners within the Newtown community face. Recognizing that there are common challenges, let’s unite to address them and begin to heal the economic issues from within. As no man is an island unto himself, neither is a business. Let’s create a black business network and begin truly supporting one another in a spirit of community.

Wk23B | 7 Jun 2012
Buying Black in Sarasota – Since the cashflow within any community of worth depends on the repeated re-circulation of dollars from consumer to vendor, does Sarasota help this process in Newtown…or hurt it? We’ll open the discussion with some interesting statistics and also speak with current business owners about the city’s role in their success as well as the challenges posed to potential business-owners. This show was originally scheduled for Tuesday, June 5th.

Wk22 | 30 May 2012

Beyond the Legal Shield – Join us as we discuss this home-based business, Pre-Paid Legal with Representative Alan Hazley. In today’s economy is this the solution that you’ve been looking for?

Wk21 | 23 May 2012
We Know This Place – Newtown has heard lie after lie and seen empty promises come and go for the past 20+ years. Will we continue acting as if this time around will be different or will we take control of our community and steer things in the directions that we’ve deserved for the past two decades?

Wk20 | 16 May 2012
A Deeper Look – Fredd Atkins Park – What does the “Community Within Reach” statue by Frank Brown say about how we perceive ourselves in Newtown? What message does it send to the public that passes by? Was this the best use of $90,000 for this community?

Join us for a conversation about the statue, its message and its impact. Do you feel that it represents hope, love, community, family and growth? Do you feel that it represents YOU?

Wk19 | 9 May 2012
The Fast Life of Dr. Robin – Nearly 6 months ago, the Central/ Cocoanut neighborhood was under attack. Well-wishers from outside of the community chose to install a mural that was seen as gangland graffiti and drew nothing but negative fire until it was removed…Now the “artist/ tagger” responsible has struck again!

Join us as we discuss the impact that this has on the children of this community, the neighborhood itself and, to a greater extent, Sarasota!

RiseRadio | Weekly! will open the conversation with the owner of Sarasota Architectural Salvage to understand if the insult hurled at Scott Gerber is intentional.

We’ll also invite Scott Gerber, Denise Kowal, Michael Barfield and Dr. Allison Pinto to call in and share their insight on this issue.

Wk18 | 2 May 2012
Premiere broadcast – Outlining the mission and intent of RiseRadio.


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