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NAACP Education Committee Report – September 24, 2012

Manatee County Branch
Beginning September 24, 2012

School Board Meeting:
The bulk of the meeting addressed the budget shortfall and the interim superintendent. David Gayler, former Superintendent of Charlotte County was appointed. Gayler served briefly as assistant superintendent in 2001 in Manatee County. Pending resolutions of some details, he will serve as interim from October 15, 2012 until March 29, 2013. Some of Gayler’s attributes include running a district during and after being devastated by Hurricane Charley, problem solving and communications. He has expressed the need to unite the board and to rebuild trust.

SAC GD Rogers:
The meeting was held on 9/26/2012. The bulk of that meeting addressed discipline and the needs of the children and that identification.

Take Stock in Children: See attached for demographics.

The State NAACP claims that minority out of school suspensions in Manatee County are two and a half times that of whites. Last spring, a letter to Dr. McGonegal was delivered but never responded to. At that same time or shortly after, the terminations of top African-Americans at the district occurred and the Facebook incident happened. Both of those issue resulted in McGonegal meeting with branch people. To follow-up and to confront the issue of the suspensions, the following has occurred or will be addressed:

  • The original letter has been set aside.
  • Talked to Wendy at the district who advised that Margi would discuss.
  • Margi advised that they need the data that formulated the statement by the NAACP.
  • Upon receipt of that data, it will be given to Mike McCann who will verify it.
  • McCann will then meet with the branch people to discuss, to inform as to how the district views it and what is being done. There will be an idea exchange on how to solve this problem.
  • That data needs to be received from the state.
  • In addition to the above, each level of education on a sampling basis, relative to discipline will be looked at. Rogers Garden has provided their procedures, Harlee Middle School will be asked for theirs and Dr Mills is seeking that of Central High School.
  • The state is having a webinar today at 4:00 on this subject but I am not available at that time.

The email was forwarded to all for their info.=\


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