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Curb Appeal Lawn Care

Curb Appeal Lawn Care

We Build Beautiful Landscapes… one yard at a time

Curb Appeal Lawn Care (C.A.L.C.) specializes in landscape maintenance. Curb Appeal Lawn Care has met all the requirements necessary to perform lawn maintenance in the state of Florida. We are trained through the Green Industries Best Management Practices Program developed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (IFAS Extension)

Landscape Maintenance Checklist

  • Mow and edge lawns
  • Prune back any shrubs overhanging curbs or sidewalks
  • Prune back any groundcover overhanging curbs or sidewalks
  • Remove litter and leaves from plants, planters and parking lots
  • Remove any broken or fallen branches from trees
  • Remove sucker growth from tree trunks
  • Remove any weeds larger than 2 inches high or wide from planters
  • Replace bark mulch which has been knocked or washed out of planters
  • Smooth mulch layer if it has been disturbed
  • Replace decorative rocks which have been knocked or washed out of planters
  • Smooth decorative rocks surface if it has been disturbed
  • Monitor and scout plants and turf grass for signs of pests, stress or disease
  • Remove any plants that meet conditions for replacement
  • Request authorization to replace diseased, dead or missing plants
  • C.A.L.C. will submit a written statement for repayment of all replacements
  • Sweep or blow clean all walkways, curbs and gutters
  • Complete any required items on the Monthly Checklist
  • Hand waters any plants that are dry and stressed
  • Check the irrigation system. Make emergency repairs as needed or request authorization to make major repairs.
  • Adjust the irrigation controllers for current watering needs in accordance with city and/or county regulations and codes.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business! See what our staff of experienced designers can do for your property.
Thank you,

Michael Dixon
Curb Appeal Lawn Care
941-879-6349 | michaeljdixon1@comcast.net


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