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More Manipulations for Newtown

The following article was submitted by reader Valerie Buchand

For years our citizens have felt that voting in the city election wasn’t that important, but in reality it is very important. There are many challenges in our community as well in other communities. There are three candidates running for the two at-large seats at the commission table and we must vote for two of them.

The election of President Obama was for the United States but now you must vote for two people that will protect our community and the life of our future in our community. There have been dollars that have been diverted from Newtown to other places or projects and Newtown suffered. Money was given to people in the community with no accountability and the list goes on and on. It is amazing how these deep-pocket people continue to seek out the weakest links in our community.

We have been made many promises and very few have been kept, if any. When our community had an opportunity TOWARDS being a stable community, it was blocked by the city officials to keep us in bondage.

The latest that I have heard is that some think that putting a warehouse/factory on the Brownfield. How would that work? Will our families be filled with contamination in years to come? Why won’t the people put it on US 41, it will still bring jobs to Sarasota. Increasing density too much will cause our retired citizens not to be able to afford to live in the only community that they know as home.

You must remember that rezoning will give them the lead way to do anything, remember that. If these good people want to do what is right and work with our community we can accomplish a viable community. Instead the powers that be want to bring downtown through Newtown (remember the book that our community isn’t in) these people that are trying to convince you of these things aren’t trying to help you but want what we have. Don’t forget Overtown, which we have nothing to do with. It is now called The Rosemary District.

I urge you to vote because now our community is at the testing point. Please don’t take the “It doesn’t matter attitude” or “I don’t care attitude”, if you are able to vote please vote. Now is the time to get involved. If you need a ride call Valerie at 941-544-3262.


Be blessed

Thank you for that poignant article Valerie. The questions remain: how can we ensure that Newtown is properly represented within the City and County Commissioning Boards? Who can we expect to deliver our needs and address our issues within local government? Why has the history of government involvement within the Newtown community been such a disgrace? Please submit your comments and share this article with your family and friends to do the same. Let’s get the conversation going towards making a positive change Sarasota…it starts with YOU!


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This entry was posted on 05/10/2013 by in Local Interest, Mailbag.


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