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The Power of Peace

As we find ourselves in the midst of this holiday season and celebrate goodwill and peace on earth, come celebrate the power of peace at the Coffee Loft on Saturday, December 1 from 7-10pm. After a year of living without the use of money and exploring the avenues of abundance beyond the confines of the Federal Reserve Bank, Steve McAllister will be sharing a few of his findings on how to find and cultivate peace regardless of what happens in the world of finance.

The Power of Peace will include songs and stories of hope in Steve’s unique troubadour style as well some possible guest performers. Whatever holiday you may celebrate in this season of rebirth, may we all use it to find peace within our hearts so that we may share love throughout our community.

Admission to the event is $10 or 2 time dollars through the Common Wealth Time Bank. If you are not yet a member of the CWTB and would like to earn a couple of time dollars before the event, you can sign up RIGHT HERE. (If you are not a member by the time you arrive at the event, it´s ok – your credit is good with us.)


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