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The Letter Read ’round the World!

If you were in a position to sway the votes of thousands in favor of your own political agenda, would you do it? Would you consider it un-ethical to threaten the employment futures of your employees in order to additionally avoid any pre-conceived threat of higher taxation? Should there be a broader line between freedom of choice and infringement?

Apparently, David Siegal Founder & CEO of Westgate Resorts, felt justified in doing just that. Not only striving to influence his employees (who number in the thousands globally) by sending a very well-worded “pressure letter” (READ IT FOR YOURSELF HERE) via email but also, going so far as to state his case before the media too! What’s least surprising about this stunt? Obviously, the race card could be thrown down but, no. The most surprising fact of this under-handed tactic is that it’s been done before!

Recall if you will, a similar letter circulated during the 2008 election cycle:(READ IT HERE IF YOU MISSED IT!) It would seem as though the original missive was used as a template here for Siegel to attempt to coerce his staff to make their mark for Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Has the Republican Party reached that level of desperation at which all stops come out??? Have the members of that party really come to expect the Democratic Party to allow this type of below-the-belt trickery to go un-checked? Maybe they’re thinking that since they can’t form the political PACs in time to be effective, there’s still a chance to influence those within our circles through their paychecks… And here comes this clown! Even if there were taxation plans in place that would effect his company’s conduct of business, would he REALLY be so negatively impacted that down-sizing to literally nothing would be the only solution?

Taken from Perspective – Timeshare and Fractional Ownership Magazine: Across the country resort developers are putting new projects on hold and trying to figure out how to salvage sales of projects already under construction. But a timeshare developer from Florida, David Siegel, CEO of Westgate Resorts, is setting record sales in what others would consider a down market.

“If I did not read the paper I would think our economy is booming,” said Siegel. “Our occupancy is up and sales continue to surpass the records we set in 2007 when we exceeded $1.1 billion in revenue.”

Sounds like a man on the brink of catastrophic downsizing to me! What I really get here is a man who would rather strive to manipulate the minds of his employees to foster some sense of urgency to back the wrong guy, just to put another dollar in his pocket at THEIR expense! What I see here is a business owner who has the experience to navigate changes in the economic waters of this country if needed – not someone who can’t adjust to a potential tax variation. What I see here is a political idealist who would rather steal this election by any means necessary than to see the true implementation of democracy in action!

David Siegel, you’re an embarrassment to legitimate, ethical businessman within the state of Florida and to Americans as a whole.

The only upside to this that I can find is that at 76 years of age, you probably won’t have to suffer all 4 years  of these perceived tax smackdowns very long.


One comment on “The Letter Read ’round the World!

  1. dragonlady75

    I read this man’s letter and it gave me chills. The way he worded his personal displeasure with the Obama administration, if I were one of his emplyees I would be in fear of losing my job if Mitt Romney were not the next President of the United States.

    He starts out on the side of the employees; telling them they have nothing to worry about from him; no, all they have to worry about is the evils of 4 more years under President Barack Obama. He even goes so far as to tell them, at first, to “vote for [whomever they] think will serve [their] interests…best.” Then he proceeds to help them decide what’s in their best interest? Now, he doesn’t exclude himself from the 1%, instead he plays on the sympathies of his employees: Poor me, I chose to remain at home on weekends building my business as opposed to going out with my friends and family; then after all the sacrifices I already made to build this company, I had to stop building my huge new dream home, cut back on expenses, and take my kids out of private school…all this “to keep this company strong and to keep you employed.”

    This man is scary! In one breath, he’s on the side of the employees then, like a serpant, in the next breath he’s threatening their jobs; “If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as our current President plans, I will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company.” “Whose policies will endanger your job?”

    You would think Romney/Ryan supporters wouldn’t stoop to intimidation in order to attempt to win the election; unfortunately, you would be wrong! This man is proof that at least one Romney/Ryan supporter (that we know of) would do anything to ensure a win. I feel sorry for the people employed by Westin Resorts. If Obama wins many of them are out of a job, if Romney wins; well, who knows, contrary to what his supporters would have you believe he hasn’t actually guaranteed the economy would suddenly make a huge upswing but, hey, at least it wouldn’t be Obama…right!?

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