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Heavy-handed SPD Officer’s Tactics CAUGHT ON TAPE!

During the early hours of August 4th, Sarasota Police Depart officer Scott Patrick was called in to a disorderly conduct call regarding Jason B. Dragash. The offense happened at Club Ivory, 1413 Main Street in downtown Sarasota. Initially sent to investigate a harassment call, the situation quickly spun out of control.

Fortunately, the club had video coverage that was provided via their in-house security cameras which were fixed on the door of the club where everything occurred. While there is no audio to support anything being witnessed on video, a few things are blatantly obvious:

  • Jason B. Dragash was intoxicated: his physical actions showed signs of obstructed motor skills typically seen from intoxicated individuals.
  • There were no apparent physical gestures or movements that would suggest any type of hostile actions would be needed to subdue him into compliance. He was actually attempting to sit when he was attacked by the officers on scene.
  • He was clearly out-numbered and posed little threat to anyone around. Prior to the attack by the officers, he can be seen following directions from others in the room.
  • Officials from the SPD sought to keep the video footage away from the public eye

Friday afternoon Police Chief Mikel Holloway held a press conference detailing the incident, his position on the ongoing investigation and releasing the video tape to the public via the press. As the investigation is ongoing, the floor wasn’t opened to any questions, much to the dismay of the other attendees there, including myself. Holloway stated: “I had the officer placed on administrative leave… I take these allegations seriously and we will be doing everything within my power to thoroughly investigate it.”

New City Manager, Tom Barwin, was also in attendance. Taking the platform, he confirmed that the SPD were handling the incident properly. This will include a review of the proceedings by the State Attorney’s Office.

As for Officer Patrick, he is currently on paid administrative leave during the investigation. A determination is underway to evaluate whether there has been a violation of department policy as well as a criminal investigation of the actions taken against Dragash.

With regards to Dragash and the charges lobbied against him, all has been dropped!

The “smoking gun” of this investigation is centered around the video, which took a judge order, to be released to the public. Sarasota attorney Andrea Mogensen made the recommendation to Circuit Judge Lee Haworth which resulted in an order that the SPD release the footage as it was deemed a public document.

Stay connected as further coverage of this story continues!


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