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What’s Next for Newtown?

The following letter was submitted to RiseMagazine | Weekly by a reader who asks a question that has become increasingly common throughout the community…”What’s next for Newtown?” One would assume that a positive answer can be found somewhere but…that’s not the case yet.

What’s Next for Newtown?

by Valerie Buchand

In getting justice for the murder of Rodney Mitchell, we began with a community forum on September 13, 2012. We had about 100 plus individuals that rallied for justice for Rodney Mitchell. There will be other activities in the near future.

We thank those that participated and we look for others to join with us in future rallies on this issue. Ms. Clemons, thank all of you for your support and prayers. Some feel that they have something to loose if they stand with us on this issue. The truth is that you may have already lost what was important and that is your integrity, your right to be free, and justice for anything else in our community. We sit behind closed doors and say what is wrong however, we find some way to either convince ourselves it is okay or to accept that that’s just the way it is. WHAT IS WORTH THE SALE OF YOUR SOUL?

I believe we need to clear up a few things in this matter.

– We do not hate nor are we coming against the county police officers. We (our tax dollars) hire citizens that are trained to protect the citizens of the city from law breakers. Law breakers are to be arrested and tried in court. Police Officers are to follow the law themselves.
– We are not attacking anyone personally. What we are saying is that justice has not been served in the murder of Rodney Mitchell on June 11, 2012. Evidence shows that this young man was killed unnecessarily by Deputy Adam Shaw and Sgt. Troy Sasse.
– The investigation was done by its own police department, even with hurrying to bring in a friend from out of town to further investigate the shooting. Even at doing that it’s questionable, why not involve the FBI? The investigation would be un-biased, with no ties, no political ties, no money changing hands, no campaign contributions expected and with nothing to hide.
The state attorney justifying this murder. Was he just doing a friend a favor?

These officers (Deputy Adam Shaw and Sgt. Troy Sasse) had problems before they ever killed this young man and yet they were put on our streets. How long do you think you can cover up the racists in this city? We all know it is here, we feel it everyday along with the hatefulness of many in power. WE SHALL PREVAIL!!!!

The state attorney justified the officers murdering Rodney Mitchell. When is profiling justified by murder? These officers are back on the street, WHO WILL THEY KILL NEXT?

In the Sarasota Herald Tribune Tom Lyons felt that this case isn’t worthy of the FBI to investigate. I beg to differ.

We ask for those that really believe that justice has not been served to join with us!



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