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A Mockery of the Sheep

The following article was submitted to RiseMagazine | Weekly by regular contributing writer Valerie Buchand. The opinions stated within do not necessarily reflect those of anyone connected with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department or any of the other corrupt officials in connection with this blatantly idiotic collection of arrogance in motion. Most of the rest of the city, however, should take heed to each and every word herein.
Michael Paragon, Publisher

On June 11, 2012, Mr. Rodney Mitchell (23), was murdered by law enforcement officers of the Sarasota County Sheriff Department (Deputy Adam Shaw and Sgt. Troy Sasse). As requested, the community waited patiently for the findings of the investigation afterwards. Of course, the verdict came in as we thought it would, A CONTINUAL SARASOTA COVER UP!

According to the Sarasota Herald Tribune:
“State attorney: Rodney Mitchell shooting justified”

In that article on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 11:18 am the following was stated:

“The State Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday exonerated the deputies who fatally shot a driver as he fled a traffic stop in June. Deputy Adam Shaw and Sgt. Troy Sasse say they fired at the driver because when the SUV lurched forward, they feared for the life of Sasse, who was standing in front of it. But investigative records released Tuesday also show that the driver, 23 year old Rodney Mitchell, turned right as the vehicle accelerated, in an apparent attempt to avoid Sasse.”


* Evidence show that Mr. Mitchell wasn’t trying to run over Troy Sasse as he and Adam Shaw claimed.

* The jeep was turned to the right, if Sasse was in front of the jeep on the right of the jeep, how could Mr. Mitchell be heading for him?

* For a seat belt traffic stop, why would you have your gun out of the holster before having a reason to do so? (no threat was there)

* In a split–second decision, the deputies should have followed Mr. Mitchell and arrested him. I believe they can run a tag check on all vehicles tags. Why didn’t they get his tag number and send Mr. Mitchell a ticket or his mother being that it was her car? If he would have drove off, if it was that important!

* How can you be sure if a seatbelt is buckled or not at 9:00pm (let’s be real people) on the highway?

* Where is the recording of this murder? All police cars record all stops to protect both the law enforcement officers and the citizens. It is amazing that Sasse was in front of Mr. Mitchell’s vehicle.

* These officers had been problematic before, why were they even on the streets?

The law should be in place to protect citizens, arresting those that break the law. In North Sarasota, however, officers do what they want. Mr. Mitchell did break the law by driving with a suspended license. But, DID HE DESERVE TO BE MURDERED? How would you view the law if it was your child, or father of your daughter’s child or just a star athlete and a college graduate?

How can we (citizens) expect a true investigation into any unlawful acts when the officials are corrupt? It does not matter if it is on the highway or in the city, the unethical way the city fires workers as long as it isn’t you or yours.

It is really time for a change in the guards in more ways than you can imagine! I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE: THIS ENTIRE CITY NEEDS AN OUTSIDE INVESTIGATION, not a friend that can be steered the way that the officials want. We have needed this for a long time however, some don’t want this because some of their friends will go down also. I say let the chips fall where they may.

We need a reformer to come in the City of Sarasota and clean up this corruption especially in our government.

Many people hate to use the word “racist”, well, size the shoe… if it doesn’t, don’t wear it ( I’m not talking to you). You don’t know who or what your neighbor is until it comes to manipulation, usury in a bad way, offending their connections, or doing you wrong to save themselves. The friends that you have in powerful places won’t last. THE COVER WILL COME DOWN AND EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Each day I strive to do good. Am I perfect? By no means but, I suppose you officials are perfect or you think your money will buy you anything. Remember this: “WHAT YOU DO SHALL RETURN UNTO YOU” and that is for us all.

WAKE UP NORTH SARASOTA! That is all for now.

Be blessed,

Valerie Buchand.


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