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The Beautillion 2012

Young Black Men Changing

the Face of Success

Some things seem to happen at the oddest of times. Booker High School’s Visual Performing Arts Center was the site of the 2012 Beautillion. The theme of the event was “Young Black Men Changing the Face of Success.” It was a marvelous event, arranged by the Sarasota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Each young man was accompanied by an equally stunning young lady. Skills were highlighted, future ambitions were revealed, spirits were lifted! The potential leaders of tomorrow are present today and working eagerly towards their goals.

Where does the odd timing come into play?!? This article was scheduled to post last week and didn’t! Now, on the heels of the Shawn Tyson ‘guilty’ verdict and the ravings of the ignorant and uninformed declaring that “Newtown is filled with teen thugs” comes my recollection of this evening filled with teens aspiring to greatness!

Are we going to allow the community to be defined by the actions of one or two individuals? Can’t the media EVER highlight what’s actually good and POSITIVE in Newtown? Where was the Sarasota Herald Tribune? Where was channel 7? As crappy as Fox News’s coverage can be, even their attendance would have been welcome!

Rise Magazine | Weekly is proud to present the 2012 Beautillion Honorees and their companions as proof that the teens of Sarasota and Manatee counties are shining bright enough to light a marvelous future for their communities!

Beau Chardonnae Baity – Belle Oriana Alexander

Senior, Palmetto High School

Beau Jeremy Carter – Belle Noelani Sanders

Senior, East Bay High School

Beau Taylon Cheaves – Belle Robneshia Johnson

Sophomore, Palmetto High School

Beau Tyderian Cocroft – Belle Zayna Robinson

Senior, Southeast High School

Beau Javian Jackson – Belle Dajoinnae Lawson

Senior, Palmetto High School

Beau Asa Jenkins – Belle Tempestt Jenkins

Senior, Booker High School

Beau James Johnson – Belle Chinata Rodgers

Senior, Palmetto High School

Beau Caleb Jones – Belle Katelyn Billy

Senior, Southeast High School

Beau Jahmar Lambert (absent due to car accident)

Freshman, Booker High School

Beau Darius Massie – Belle Debra Chestnut

Senior, Palmetto High School

Beau Jammie Pate – Belle Ciara Brinkley

Junior, Southeast High School

Beau Avery Pritchett – Belle Evanna Dyer

Senior, Suncoast Polytechnical High School

Beau Dwight B. Roberts, Jr. – Belle De’zha Cooper

Senior, Lakewood Ranch High School

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