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Arrested Development…

Shawn Tyson was found guilty and sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Justice served? Maybe so. It’s not so much this case or its finality that has me feverishly typing at this keyboard, it’s the post that I received from a private investigator by the name of Bill Warner.

Apparently, this P.I. is of the mentality that the Newtown community is filled with gun-toting, drug-dealing residents hell-bent on murder and mayhem and that the only solution is the implementation of some type of “police state” environment to bring a halt to the criminals!

Bill Warner, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt but, this is a blatant over-reaction to the situation. So much so that you’ve apparently closed your eyes to the process of seeking a solution to a problem that’s based on the issue and not the symptoms! Your bass-ackward cure-all? LOCK UP EVERYONE! Bill Warner, you exemplify what’s wrong with the city, this society and (on a much more hidden level) this country. Until we accept and embrace that we will be the architects of our own demise, we will continue to have issues such as this.

Newtown needs an economic kickstart…Newtown needs economic opportunities…Newtown needs a return to the historic vitality that was here BEFORE the 1970s. What Newtown needs has been known by the City officials since as far back as 2003 when the then sitting committee identified this issue as the City’s top priority…and they’ve done little to correct things since.

Economic empowerment would allow the dollars that currently circulate once within our communities to instead, create a financial whirlpool. Moving from vendor to consumer to vendor in an ever-increasing cycle that allows the business-owner to re-invest properly and the consumer to receive a steadily improving level of service and product. Not to mention the increased opportunity to put neighborhood youth to work as well as adult service-providers to support and extend operations. All the while increasing the economic viability of everyone involved.

Kids are consumers too. Sadly, we’ve become a “microwave society” in which everyone wants whatever they want in as little time as possible. No value is instilled by the extension of effort, by the pain of sacrifice. Only near-instant gratification. And it’s this same love of material possessions over the love of the community that’s got us here at such a rapid pace. If I knew that the playground that my little sister enjoyed was just $50 short of repairs, I would invest there first before buying those 22″ spinning rims for my ’88 Impala! And if that “dope boy” had his head on straight he would see that the only one benefiting from his purchase of those rims is the dark-skinned, black-haired guy with the funny accent who’s neither black nor hispanic. The same guy who never brings his kids or his wife to the job…because he doesn’t want to expose them to his source of income. Farmers never bring their kids to the slaughterhouse…until their old enough to understand how they too can live off of it!

So, now that the downward spiral has begun to erupt into shootings and killings of tourists it’s become a MAJOR PROBLEM. As long as we’re killing each other, we just keep the badside of Newtown in the news as a warning sign to any local residents – “STAY AWAY…DANGER!” And we eventually end up with citizens who feel that the community is a total loss and not worth investing a dime into. Small business suffers, big business looses the opportunity to tap new markets and the area becomes a blight to the city.

Maybe the curfew would be better utilized in YOUR neighborhood. If we reversed the hours so that your councilman neighbors couldn’t get in to their offices, force them to decide on policies individually instead of acting as a gang (that’s what they are!) then maybe the Newtown community would have a chance to survive. Maybe if we embraced a “stop and search” policy on their proposals and emails, their thumb-drives and faxes…on the  napkins from lunch or the backs of their business cards?

The last thing we need is idiots pressing suggestions to stop, search and arrest people who are more the victim than the perp. Newtown has been robbed for over 20 years and it’s just a matter of time before the members of the community fully grasp what the City and County “leaders” have managed to pull over their collective eyes.

Even in nature, examples of “Wolves in sheep’s clothing” run rampant as a method of survival but it’s only in our city’s government that we can witness the wolves making a mockery of the sheep.


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