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Spoken Word…Smokin’ Mics! | Taalam Acey

Black On Black Rhyme

A Spoken Word Thing!

by Michael Paragon

While the focus here at RISE MediaWorx is to locate and promote local events of interest, there may always be the opportunity to venture out beyond the countylines for worthwhile edification…Black on Black Rhyme is that opportunity!

Spoken word, aka open mic poetry, has always been a prevalent oral art form for engaging, thought-provoking exchanges since the days of Homer reading “The Odyssey”. Poetic pieces were spoken out of necessity since the printing press hadn’t been invented and getting your work to the masses meant doing it by any means necessary! The invention of the printing process created an option that was at the same time more profitable and more lasting since it didn’t require the listener to retain each piece word for word to insure its integrity. Since Langston Hughes first began earning a living from his poetic prose, the recognition that well-written words, spoken with verve and authority, could hold one’s attention and even shape the thinking of its audience in powerful, dynamic ways, has been non-stop.

Within the world of spoken word, there are few artists with the following and recognition of Mr. Taalam Acey. World recognized and respected as a major force within the field, Taalam Acey has elevated the genre to a level that was previously unprecedented and may never again be equaled! Taalam creates pieces that are equally worldwide as well as intimate and personal. Addressing social issues such as the false promotion of rap stars to strip them of their talents strictly in the name of moving product to the heart-felt connection between the female influences in his life and his declaration of manhood. Taalam has amassed such a prolific collection of work, if he never made another CD (he’s working on number 17 now, BTW!), the others in the game may still never be able to match his quantity nor quality during their careers.

Sample Taalam Acey >>HERE<< (WARNING: Rated R – GROWN FOLKS ONLY!!!)

Taking a similar view and mindset that spoken word isn’t a black or white thing but a global unifier, the artist known as L.I.F.E. has been a colleague and continual supporter of spoken word’s current and aspiring talent in the Tampa area and beyond.

Black on Black Rhyme is the venue in Tampa where spoken word artists, both known and unknown talent, have the opportunity to express themselves in an atmosphere that supports the craft and always respects the mic! While BOBR has operated from multiple locations during the course of its history, the mission remains unchanged – promote spoken word, promote clarity and deliver excellence!

Black On Black Rhyme is rough…it’s raw…it’s un-cut…it’s pure… Black On Black Rhyme is smokin’!

Sample Sunni Patterson >>HERE<< at BOBRT


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This entry was posted on 01/03/2012 by in Culture, Entertainment.


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